Midweek Pinboard 13 Oct 2023

12 Oct 2023 | 9 comments


Well? What do you think of events at the Blues this past week? And what are your expectations for the upcoming fixtures? Whether it is about results, performances or developments off the pitch, here is an opportunity to share your views on the week that has just been for BCFC and also to look ahead to the weekend.

Blues Trust will be posting the Pinboard every Thursday morning so that Blues fans can express opinions, good and bad, about progress as the season unfolds. And your thoughts for the fixtures coming up.

We hope you’ll participate, and maybe sometimes even start a conversation, by letting us and other Blues fans know what you think……

Please use the ‘Comments’ section below.

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  1. Eric Jones

    Cook has not helped the situation. I like many will miss our former coach. I was never a Rooney fan but we have to get on board and support the team.

  2. Tracey Tyler

    At least Rooney will play the young players,Eustace always went on and on about playing them but hardly ever did,so l am looking forward to that.

  3. Lich Blues

    Personally I cannot understand sacking a manager who has got you upto 6th in the table.

    However Rooney is now in and as a fan I’ll support him and the team as usual.

    I hope he succeeds but he certainly doesn’t have a track record to speak off.

    I have everything crossed because the situation at Blues has been so positive since the takeover and I am desperate for that to continue.

  4. Mitchell

    My comment on this week’s Pinboard is not about our new manager, but my visit last Tuesday to the ground clearing site at the old Wheels adventure park. After failing to gain any access via Landor Street and elsewhere despite Wheels Adventure Park sign still erected, I was eventually able to access the now closed green gates leading to the Wheels. This was going down Venetia Road ( off Garrison lane) and through a very hazardous trek dodging fork lifts, dumper trucks etc. Warnings given about health and safety everywhere. Not recommended but I was determined to get to the ‘green gates albeit closed and tight security in evidence. My questions to some security guards about this 40 acre site being our next home met with very tight lipped response. Understandable to a certain degree but still left a strange feeling. Perhaps it is too early to discuss new stadium etc. but it would be nice to have some clarification. No doubt Garry Cook or Craig Gardner might shed some light.

    • Ed Truman

      Interesting stuff Mitchell. Are we thinking that the club has already commissioned preparatory work on the site….?

      • Mitchell

        Ed. It is further perhaps complicated due to Birmingham Council and the problems they are facing money wise. As I said it was my own volition to make the visit, and no doubt our new owners will keep us updated should this site be our new home. Part of me loves the new ‘aura’ around St.Andrews and it’s new facelift, but if we are to achieve the dream of Premier status then I suppose we have to move in order to house 35,000 plus attendances. Wheels has been so documented that it seems logical for this site to be the preferred choice.

        • Mark R

          The ambition that the new owners seem to have for BCFC tells me that a stadium move has to be on the cards, in which case I hope it is the Wheels site they choose as that’s a stones throw from our current ground and obviously still right in the city.
          I remember David Sullivan and the Golds exploring this back in the early 2000s, though I think they were targeting somewhere near the NEC at the time. (They also realised that to be a top club, we needed a bigger ground).
          The Wheels site is preferable to that location to my mind as it’s right in Peaky Blinder country(!).
          Joking aside, we all need to realise if we are going to be the size of club we should be (i.e. massive) and compete with the best in the land, we need a ground capacity of at least 45-50,000.
          Whilst St Andrews has been our home all our lives and it’d be sad to no longer go there, that’s a development I would welcome.


  5. Tim M

    Nothing against Wayne, who,i hope proves me wrong, but this seems like a bad decision, badly executed. The arguments in favour don’t stack up. Eustace has a better record than WR. The football was at times this season excellent, certainly when key figures returned from injury. Rooney’s playing career won’t translate, it never does and his star power is superficial, a few more likes on social media that can drain away. I don’t recall Derby bathed in attention. The wording of the statement was poor, and needlessly puts pressure on Rooney. I expected and hoped for a lot better when Knighthead came in. The biggest shock was how, quite frankly, incompetent they suddenly seem.

  6. Bill

    If I am readily it correctly…..
    Our CEO now claims it would had been ‘unfair’ to let John Eustace fail before sacking him !
    On that basis anyone at Birmingham City FC could be sacked at any time. Doesn’t actually fill people working for the club with confidence does it.

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