Sticking Together

13 Dec 2023 | 2 comments

Last Friday night saw Blues eighth consecutive away league defeat and prolonged the disappointing set of results under Wayne Rooney.

It is very easy for fans to blame one individual for the current poor run of form. For example, Wayne Rooney himself for changing tactics so much. Or Garry Cook for appointing him in the first place. But the reality is much more complicated than that. Blues have been in a state of neglect for a decade and that includes on the playing side.

The club collectively made a conscious change that throughout all the teams – men’s first team, women’s team, academy – they wanted to introduce a more possession based, front foot style of football. With the best of intentions they changed the first team manager to help achieve this.

Unfortunately, at the men’s first team level that hasn’t borne fruit yet, although that doesn’t mean it won’t at some stage. The question now is how results will change because 5 points from 9 games is relegation form and a way has to be found to arrest the decline. This is down to both the coaching staff to find ways to play effectively with the current players. And the playing staff to show the desire and responsibility for delivering it, along with a greater unity of purpose.

Off the field tremendous progress is being made on a number of fronts, as evidenced in the Trust’s discussion with Garry Cook last week. Yet the travails on the pitch threaten to overshadow this, with fans now starting to disagree amongst themselves on the best way forward. There is a very real concern that the atmosphere will soon start becoming toxic. Ultimately, this will only benefit the opposition.

From a fans perspective there is surely a need to come together and get behind the team when they need support most. To help them to get through this difficult patch, even if it goes on a bit longer. This is a journey to get Blues back to where they belong, and we don’t need to overreact to the first setback.

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  1. John Rainey

    I know I’ll probably get battered for what I’m about to say/reveal I’m originally from Belfast came to Birmingham in 72 for obvious reasons pretty soon I realised it was either blues or the villa I choose blues thankfully but I fell in love with liverpool in the 70s/80s and still support them to this day however blues have ALWAYS remained part of me and family i needed liverpool to win the league again once that was completed i vowed i’d spend the rest of my life being a bluenose i’ve seen it all down the blues the highs/lows from Francis rowett zola the golds the Chinese owners Donovan Kevin Francis dugarry and yes I’m disappointed in Rooney but if it wasn’t him it would have been another ‘BIG’ name (just be grateful stevie g wasn’t available) who would have been brought in with instructions to play attacking attractive football and I’ll say now that pep or Jurgen couldn’t do it with the majority of players we have at present , I’ve no doubt Rooney will in short term change tactics to avoid getting in a relegation battle then in January get in a few players and try to revert to the passing game slowly but surely and if that doesn’t work I’m sure the owners will be looking at a replacement for him , whatever the outcome this is going to be a long term project that will take a couple of seasons to remedy my message to blues fans is buckle up and enjoy the ride because better days are ahead tho your tired and weary and all that KRO.
    P.S those who’ll slate me for my dual allegiance…. I’m a football fan I love the game always will .

  2. Gazal

    Liverpool were one of the best teams in the world as far back as the 60’s when I was a young kid, and although I’m a 100% Blues fan I have a lot of respect for Liverpool and always wish them well. You probably landed in Liverpool John as I believe this is the main docks from Ireland.
    I agree with what you say about being patient and hope the majority of bluenoses will look at the bigger picture and try to enjoy the ride. With these owners this is the best opportunity we have ever had, so lets not ruin it with protests and negative vibes please.
    I’m sure everyone can take a little more pain before the gain, which even then wont mean we will win every game, but it will be nice to be competitive and play the game as it should be played.

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