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28 Mar 2024 | 2 comments


Like most other Blues fans it seems, Blues Trust board members were excited to read the story that broke on Tuesday evening that it was looking very likely that the club’s owners were closing in on a deal to purchase the Wheels Park site. And, at a meeting held this afternoon (Thursday 28 March) Birmingham City Council has agreed to sell the 48 acre site, located in Bordesley Green and just a short distance from St. Andrew’s, to the club.

The meeting itself can be viewed here

Many details remain confidential, and there has been no comment from the club or the council, but it is reported that the club intends to create a multi purpose super stadium on the site together with other facilities on a significant scale. Although the possibility of purchasing the site has been mooted almost since Tom Wagner arrived back in the summer of last year, the deal represents a massive statement of intent by the club’s owners and opens up the prospect of a very exciting future for Blues and its supporters.

How do you think a new stadium should reflect Blues’ heritage? Have your say in our comments section below.

Of course, the flip side is now likely to involve a move away from St. Andrew’s which has been the club’s ground since 1906. Current Blues supporters have known no other home and, for most, it is still a very, very special place despite the match day challenges it now presents.

Blues Trust is not prepared to speculate on what the final details of any relocation might involve. They will emerge in the fullness of time now that a deal has been confirmed. But the Trust has conducted a short and sharp survey of Blues fans on X (formerly Twitter) to see what the initial reaction is to the possibility of leaving St. Andrew’s for pastures new.

Thanks to all the people who took part in the poll.

The result is a follows:

The survey isn’t scientific of course, but it does indicate clearly that most Blues fans think it’s time to say goodbye and a heartfelt thank you to St. Andrew’s and move on.

Blues Trust will continue to monitor developments.


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  1. Ed Truman

    Fantastic news! Thanks for the update Blues Trust. Lots of water still to pass under the bridge for sure, but I’ll be in bits if I’m lucky enough to be at St. Andrew’s when the last ball is kicked. So many treasured memories to cherish forever. But I’m with the majority who contributed to the poll. It is time to move on. Well done to all at the club for giving us the chance of such an exciting future.

  2. Mitchell Bray

    Players need to repay our wonderful owners by keeping us in the Championship. They need to show pride for the next 8 games. Everyone doing the right moves- now it’s the players turn.


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