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Supporter engagement

Posted on 25 Aug 2015

logo100x100One of the aims of Blues Trust is to help develop a constructive relationship between our club and its supporters. We would like to have open two-way communication between the fans and those who own and manage the club.

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Birmingham City Plc General Meeting

Posted on 11 Aug 2015

BC plcThe meeting was chaired and led by Mr Roger Lloyd, Company Secretary of Birmingham City Football Club plc who was the only Club representative present. There were between 25 and 30 shareholders present. Mr Lloyd advised that 3147 shareholders had been invited to the meeting. The last Annual General Meeting of the plc was held in 2011.

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Statement on forum comments

Posted on 10 Aug 2015

Blues Collective has asked Blues Trust to dissociate itself from comments made by one of its members on on-line forums. I have looked at the thread ‘Blues Collective vs Blues Trust’ on the Small Heath Alliance Forum and can confirm that the views expressed there are the personal opinions of the member concerned and not the official view of Blues Trust. The Trust wishes to dissociate itself from those views. We use our own website and social media accounts to make our views known; we do not post them on forums.

Blues Trust does not want to be involved in disputes with Blues Collective or any other Birmingham City supporters groups. We are willing to talk to any group and co-operate when our interests overlap. As we have said in our mission statement, we aim to work with other supporters’ groups, not in competition with them – we recognise all groups have their own different purposes and roles.

Margaret Decker
Chair of Blues Trust

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Supporter liaison

Posted on 3 Aug 2015

SLOBCFCimageBirmingham City lost an important member of its staff when Sarah Gould left. She was both Customer Services Manger and Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO), two crucial roles.

The SLO role is relatively new in British football.

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Effort to contact BC Plc shareholders

Posted on 2 Jul 2015

Blues Trust - Logo (website)One of our members, Ray Tomkinson, still owns some shares in Birmingham City PLC and would like to receive more information from the company. He is trying to contact other shareholders who might be interested in a joint approach. He is sending letters to some shareholders but there are more than 3,000 of them and he can’t contact them all. If you still own some shares in the club or know someone that does, click here to read Ray’s letter.

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